Storytellers – Writers – Educators – Coaches

We support 5 – 10 year old children to be happy and successful through their connection with YOU

We teach YOU – parents and teachers of 5 – 10 year old children – how to use storytelling to replace doubt and fear with connection and magic.

We support you in working through children’s difficult emotions and behaviours in order to foster better communication and collaboration.

We constantly remind you that you are enough. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Children Who Belong is an eight week storytelling programme for parents and their children aged 5 – 10 years. We teach parents (online and in person) how to use stories to raise curious and courageous children.
You will receive proven storytelling systems and step-by-step information on exactly what you need to do to engage your children.
As a result, those who craft their storytelling space with me form a more open relationship with their children, quickly, and with less fear.

The Story Solution for Teachers is a training and inspiration programme for teachers of primary school children. Storytelling is the oldest and most effective form of human communication, an aspect that is crucial to learning. Teachers who work with us receive proven storytelling systems and resources to connect to their children, encouraging curiosity and courage in class and in life. This allows them to deliver the curriculum more serenely and effectively throughout the year. As a result, those who craft their storytelling system with me offer deeper learning for their children, quickly and more sustainably.

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Sarah Galea

Outreach Officer at Esplora Interactive Science Centre, Malta

I felt that storytelling allowed young people to grow and try new things. On the first day of our set programme with Giuliana, they were anxious and found it difficult to express their thoughts and emotions. At the end, their confidence shone through and they felt good participating in the storytelling. They had learnt to believe in themselves.


Miriam Calleja

Pharmacist and Poet

I also felt that the space was safe and sacred, that we all opened up in a way that wouldn’t always be easy or possible. Thank you for being there and bringing what you did to the dome 🙂

Thank you Giuliana for being sensitive to our needs and also for opening up to us.


Florinda Camilleri

Founder of The Amber Spark and Dancer

I realised that I am not alone in my quest to find my voice within the complex layers of life, and also, that I need only to look inside to find inspiration…a massive awakening!


Claudia Calleja

Mum and Journalist

It was a safe and creative space to open up as a woman – to other women. A space to realise that we face the same struggles and insecurities. And hopefully, a space to see that we are stronger than we think.